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SUNRACKER® is the solution that can bring your renewable energy project to life. The perfect solar tracker for your company.


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Design and build your photovoltaic system with help from our team of experts.


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The results speak for themselves. SUNRACKER® services are the final word on conversion and efficiency.

inseguitore monoassiale

Design, construction
and maintenance.

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The single-axis tracker that meets your needs.
Balanced with a high moment of inertia, SUNRACKER® is a solar tracker benefitting from an accurate astronomical algorithm that operates fully autonomously, without the need of GPS and/or third party services. Specifically, the solar tracker has a sophisticated constant shadow backtracking system, which is a key feature for maintaining the maximum possible angle of the solar panels. This limits one row from casting a shadow on the next. Precise analytical formulas allow us to optimise production according to the east-west inclination of the land.


Our strengths

SUNRACKER® trackers are the perfect solution for making the most out of solar power. A sustainable and efficient choice for your company. Your needs are our strengths. Together we will design and build your photovoltaic system.

software SunRacker

The software developed by RCM aims to respond efficiently to customer requests. The control system is based on open hardware, the main components of which are supplied by ABB: a further guarantee of quality and availability of components in the long term. Customers can therefore order a turnkey control system, or request the electrical and assembly diagrams to assemble the system themselves, in which case RCM will be responsible for loading the software and testing the system. The software is carefully optimised for each individual system, according to the nature of the site and the needs of the client, in order to maximise the production of electricity.

sostegno impianto sunracker

A photovoltaic system needs a structure to hold the panels that is reliable, strong and high-performing. SUNRACKER® is a solar tracking system designed and built by RCM.

The trackers can be ordered with variable lengths, according to the layout of your design. The movement of the panels is driven by a direct current linear actuator. The panels move in sequence and independently of each other, so as to guarantee correct orientation towards the sun. The panel control system is based on a TCP/IP (wired or wireless) protocol. Each controller controls 12 to 16 panels and is equipped with a dedicated PLC, which guarantees movement even if the data network fails.

sunracker inseguimento solare

The sun is the Earth’s primary energy source. SUNRACKER® is the perfect way to capture its power. In the tracking phase, the panels are able to maximise the amount of light they intercept, reducing losses due to misalignment to below 1.5 per thousand. When the maximum self-shading angle is less than the orthogonal tracking angle, the backtracking phase is started. This guarantees the absence of shadows regardless of the elevation of the sun, with the lowest possible misalignment losses. RCM will prepare an accurate layout of the position and elevation of the trackers to guarantee the maximum performance of the system. The SUNRACKER® system can be fully controlled remotely through a dedicated VPN.

Our innovative solution

Pure avant-garde. The best sun-tracking technology. SUNRACKER® is the competitive and efficient option for making the most of solar radiation.

stabilizzatori inerziali

Turn your face to the sun
and the shadows will fall
behind you.

(Maori proverb)

The support allows for a wide range of mounting positions, as it can be adjusted by 150mm.

The bearing is securely coupled to the structure and designed to manage difficult terrains, thanks to its ability to work with misalignment of up to 10°.

Thanks to the centre of gravity compensation provided by the inertia stabilisers, there is discontinuity in the solar panels and the more sensitive components are protected against the weather.

contrappeso sunracker

The SUNRACKER® panel assembly system is practical, simple and fast.

The inertia stabilisers increase the moment of inertia of the panels, dampening the forces generated by the wind.

giunto di rotazione

Chase the sun with us

Finding the best strategy to make the most of solar radiation is a challenge. SUNRACKER® is the perfect way to produce electricity from solar energy in an efficient and sustainable way. These are the companies that have chosen to trust in our team of experts. Will you be next?

impianto sunracker Alessandria - Casali


  • Potenza 1400 kW
impianto sunracker Alessandria - Solar Invest

Solar Invest

  • Potenza 1400 kW
impianto sunracker Savigliano - Raam Immobiliare

Raam Immobiliare

  • Potenza 990 kW
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